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School Sea Kayak Tours Melbourne and Victoria

The experience

Students undertaking a sea kayaking expedition will experience a physical and emotional journey through the natural environment. Because students are undertaking a water based activity, the ecology of the area will be seen from a different perspective. Sea eagles, dolphins, seals, wallabies and many other creatures may be observed at close range.

There are important group dynamics and processes for students to experience and learn from which are occurring continuously throughout the trip. These include issues such as weather suitability, group speed and morale, group combinations, daily destination goals, management of water and food, etc.

At the end of the day, the group disembarks from their kayaks and sets up camp at remote and beautiful places. There is normally time to relax here, discuss the day or explore the hinterland.

Our expeditions provide an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of their relationship with the land, including indigenous cultures. Environmental impacts, changing perceptions of what is a “resource” and ecological sustainability may also be explored.

Students may also gain a greater understanding of themselves and others.

Trip development

Sea Kayak Australia has been operating all year round with schools for the last ten years. As weather and safety are the two main concerns when working on the sea, we believe in kayaking only in areas that offer good weather options or that can utilise the conditions to enhance the experience. If an open ocean area is chosen for a school expedition, there is a slight chance that the trip may need to be modified or cancelled due to poor weather. In the event of SKA cancelling a trip, all monies will be refunded.

SKA offers a range of services from introductory days through to month long expeditions. When developing a school program, we work closely with the school to determine the following:

1. What does the school require?
2. What are the desired main learning outcomes?
3. Which body of water is most suitable for the group and time of year?

At SKA we believe that learning is most effective in a safe, enjoyable and challenging environment.

The kayak

The ocean going high performance double sea kayak “Pittarak” and Boreal “Esperanto” forms the basis of our fleet. The Pittarak is designed by Larry Gray to provide a fast, responsive kayak for paddlers of all skill levels. Its high bow slices cleanly through rough seas while its low profile in the water provides excellent stability and control in a wide variety of sea conditions. The distance between the cockpits allow for effective control when in wild windy conditions. The rear paddler can easily reach the main vantage points of the kayak for over all control. The front paddler is positioned to allow maximum control of the bow. The double is famous for its stability in rough conditions and the ability to roll up if capsized. Uncompromised strength in its fiberglass construction, provides long term durability and confidence in extreme conditions. Innovative deck and cockpit configuration provides comfort and functionality for the paddlers on extended journeys.

The Pittarak and Esperanto double sea kayaks have been deliberately chosen to promote team work and to allow for different levels of fitness and ability to be spread throughout the group, ensuring optimum stability and speed.

There are single "Penguin" or "Tasman Express" sea kayaks for the teachers.

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East Coast Wilsons Promontory Sea Kayak Tour

Sea Kayak Expedition along the scenic east coast of Wilsons Promontory for 6 days. Camping at all the best beaches. Amazing landscape and beautiful beaches. 10 km per day of paddling so plenty of time to fish, snorkel, walk and relax. Boat pick up at the end to take people back to the start.

Tour Dates: 4 - 9 December 2017, 6 - 11 February 2018, 8 - 13 March 2018, 2 - 7 April 2018.

Refer to Link: East Coast Wilsons Promontory Sea Kayak Tour

Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course 16th - 17th September 2017, 8 Vacancies

Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course for the 16th - 17 th September 2017. There are 8 vacancies at the moment. Comprehensive course covering all basic kayaking skills, capsizing plus theory on tide, wind, waves and trip planning. Kayak and kayak gear supplied plus course notes. Includes complementary after course kayak hire for 1/2 day. Full Description of Course refer to link Introduction to Sea Kayaking

Kayak Hire on the Yarra River at Abbotsford (Melbourne)

Kayak Hire is from Abbotsford - Yarra River (all year round). We supply a trolley and are located just 300m from the water. We are open every day in autumn. Call before hand to make sure kayaks are available and make a booking.
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