Corner Inlet

Price $510 3 days
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Corner Inlet

$510 per person

This is one of the premier sea kayak tours in Australia.

Take a real sea kayak adventure trip to Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria! Be guided for three days to secluded marine areas and pristine islands. Explore some of Australia’s best regions by sea kayak… now that’s an adventure!

This is a unique, once-in-a-life-time adventure. Corner Inlet is a spectacular area of granite rocks plunging into azure, clear water. Stunning pink granite rocks separate the coves. Large sections of Corner Inlet are a marine national park. This area is remote and stunning.

Islands to explore, bring a hammock, snorkeling gear, fishing line, a book or explore the coast line by sea kayak each day.

3 days
16+ Age
  • Departure
    Port Welshpool
  • Departure Time
    Varies according to tide
  • Return Time
    Approx. 3.00 pm
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, old runners or thongs, hat, sun glasses and bottle of water.
  • Included
    Camping Gear
    Cooking gear
    Dry bag
    Life jacket
    Personal Guide
    Spray deck
    Spray Jacket
  • Not Included
Day 1: Departure
  • This kayak tour starts on the Port Welshpool Foreshore.
  • Staff greets clients.
  • There is an exchange of medical and indemnity forms.
  • Life jackets are then correctly fitted.
  • Spray jackets and thermals are also issued.
  • Rudder system is adjusted for clients in double and single kayaks.
  • Kayak are packed with camping gear, water and food. (60 - 90 minutes)
  • A safety talk is then conducted.
  • The group will then practise some basic paddling skills in the water.
Day 1: What you will see, hear and do
  • The Group then paddle for 2 – 3 hours across Corner Inlet bay to Tin Mine Cove or Cattleman's Hut on Snake Island (depends on the weather conditions).
  • Great views of mountains at the north end of the Prom.
  • Lunch stop is usually along the way at a beach (depending on time of departure).
  • The group then sets up camp and relaxes.
  • Tin Mine Cove is remote and beautiful. There is a creek with drinking water and great snorkelling off the beach!
  • Cattleman's hut is very comfortable bush hut with running water and flushing toilets. Stay inside the huts or bush camp outside and see kangaroos at dusk.
Day 2: What you will see, hear and do
  • Visit islands such as Bennison Island, Granite Island or paddle to Biddies Cove.
  • Alternative activities are bushwalking and snorkelling.
  • Bring your snorkelling gear so you can get a good glimpse of the abundant marine life in the area.
  • Walk from Tin Mine Cove to Long Chinaman's Beach. Great views from the bay.
  • You might also see dolphins, seals, sea eagles, cormorants and Cape Baron geese on the journey.
  • This is one of the most spectacular and scenic areas in Australia!
Day 3: What you will see, hear and do
  • The group makes the return journey to the mainland, proud of a truly amazing achievement!
Extra Information
  • It is recommended that people wishing to undertake a multi day tour participate in a full day tour before hand.
  • Participants wishing to paddle in a single kayak need to provide proof of their sea kayaking experience before hand.
  • Good general fitness is required.
  • 2-3 Person tents are provided - so you will need to share. If you want to be in a tent on your own then you will need to provide your own hiking tent.
  • Transport is not included in the price. Although, if required, we can provide a lift for up to 3 people, providing prior arrangements are made and you meet at our base.