Yarra River Kayak Hire

Price 3 or 6 hours
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Yarra River Kayak Hire

per person

Kayak along the Yarra River at your own pace, for as long as you like and listen to the bell birds and magpies; how good would that be? Stop for lunch along the way and return back to the start or be picked up in the city. This experience is great for locals, interstate or overseas travelers.

Hire information

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (2 March – 19 November), seven days a week.

9 am – 6 pm (20 November – 1 March), seven days a week.


Hire Time: 1/2 day (1-3 hrs) or full day (3-8 hrs)

Hire Rate:

  • Single Kayak $45 half day (1-3 hrs) and $60 full day (3-8 hrs).
  • Double Kayak $60 half day and $80 full day.
  • Pick up $60 per group (2-8 people). $100 (9-18 people)
  • Further information about pick ups, distances, what to wear etc. go to FAQ & Hire Conditions


To Complete a Hire Booking fill out the form below:

Bookings are finalised once deposit has been made. A flat rate deposit of $40 will be taken at the time of booking for groups of between 1-7 persons and for groups of 8 or more a deposit of $150. This can be paid via credit card over the phone or by direct bank transfer into the following account:

Sea Kayak Australia
BSB: 033-048
Acc. No: 186589

Please insert your SURNAME in the “Description” section of the bank transfer statement.

3 or 6 hours
4 years+ Age
  • Departure
    12 Turner St Abbotsford
  • Departure Time
    Between 9 AM and 3 PM
  • Return Time
    12 noon - 5 PM (April - September) and 12 noon - 6 PM (October - March)
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, old runners or thongs, hat, sun glasses and bottle of water.
  • Included
    Dry bag
    Life jacket
  • Not Included
    Camping Gear
    Cooking gear
    Personal Guide
    Spray deck
    Spray Jacket


  • Kayaking to Herring Island (South Yarra) takes 2-3 hrs one way (1/2 day).
  • Half day kayak and return can be as simple as 1.5 hrs one way turn around and come back 1.5 hrs. (3 hrs in total)
  • Kayaking to Herring Island (South Yarra), stopping for lunch and returning back to the start takes 5-6 hrs (full day).
  • Kayaking one way to Princes Bridge with a stop for lunch takes approx 4-5 hrs (full day).
  • Kayaking to Princes Bridge, lunch stop and return takes approx 7- 8 hrs (big full day).
  • It is important to keep in mind that it is likely to be sunny and there is a likelihood of getting wet. Meaning that shorts, hat, long sleeve shirt and sun screen will make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Options for lunch include bring your own, BBQ on Herring Island or cafe opposite Herring Island called the "Kanteen".
  • There are free BBQs, toilets and drinking water on Herring Island.
  • Paddling down to Herring Island and then having lunch in under 3hrs would be difficult to achieve for a half day rate.
  • There are a couple of landings or small piers along the way to rest.
  • You can take your spare gear with you or leave it at our base.
  • As part of the hire rate you receive a map, dry bag (if required), life jacket and paddle.
  • Double kayaks are faster, more stable but less independence compared to a single kayak.

Hire Conditions

  • A booking is confirmed once a deposit has been paid. The remaining balance shall be paid in full, prior to commencement of kayak hire.
  • Hire time starts once the group gets on the water.
  • Groups need to return at least 30 minutes before it gets dark.
  • Groups that hire for half a day must return in the allotted time of 3 hours. Groups over 30 minutes late will be charged for a full day.
  • Please advise us before hand if you are over 190 cm tall or over 110kg in weight. We can then place you in the right kayak.
  • A child of between 4 and 13 years must be in a double kayak with an adult, in their own seat and not on the adults lap.
  • "Walk up" or on the spot bookings are fine however we can't guarantee we will have enough kayaks if you come at peak summer time. It is best to book 1 or more days before hand.
  • A booking can be cancelled and rescheduled only once and has to be made at least 24 hours before scheduled booking date and time.
  • The deposit will be forfeited with less than 24hrs notice provided of cancellation of booking.
  • Any participant who cancels their booking and does not reschedule to another hire date will not have their deposit payment refunded unless under extenuating circumstances.
  • Be on time as your kayaks will booked out to other people if you are more than 30 minutes late.
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times.
  • SKA reserves the right to refuse hire to clients who do not have the skills and experience to match the craft.
  • The hirer must stay on the right hand side of the river in relation to the direction of travel.
  • All hired craft craft is restricted to the Yarra River. No kayaking is permitted further up stream than launching location (Abbotsford) and no further down stream than Bolte Bridge (Docklands).
  • Craft must not be left unattended by a distance of more than 500m, when stopping for a break. All paddling gear must be taken with you.
  • The onus is on the hirer to consult with SKA about current and tide direction.
  • Ensure hatches are properly fitted at all times.
  • Never have more than one person in a cockpit at one time.
  • Gear that is returned broken, missing or damaged will incur the cost of replacement or repair.
  • If SKA believes the weather (e.g. river height) is unsuitable for clients perceived experience level then hire may be refused.
  • Kayaks will be carried and not dragged whilst moving from one point to another.
  • Do not use paddle to push off from shore.

Hire Conditions for picks up down stream

  • One way "pick up" point for kayaks being hired for a 1/2 day is only at Wesley Rowing Club, South Yarra.
  • Full day hire "pick up" points are at the rowing sheds - Princes Bridge, City or Wesley Rowing Club, South Yarra.
  • Minimum group size for pick up is 2 people.
  • The pick up kayak collection fee is $60 for 2-8 people and $100 for 9-18 people and remains the same price even if hirers do not request a lift back to the start. A maximum of 6 hirers can be taken back to the start.
  • Because we are not based in the city centre, hirers who hire for 3 hours (1/2 day) and decide to paddle all the way to Princes Bridge, will be charged for a full day hire rate. Pick up fee remains the same.
  • Groups that change their plans in regard to the pick up point while on the water may have to wait an extra 30 - 60 minutes for pick up. e.g Wesley Rowing club, South Yarra changed to Princes Bridge, City. The group will also have to pay an upgrade from half day to full day hire rate.
  • Groups that change their plans from return to pick up one way (while on the water) can only do so after discussing with SKA staff and can be refused if there are limited resources.
  • During the week days, picks ups must be no later than 4pm because of traffic congestion.