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Melbourne City Delight Kayak Tour

LOCATION:  Melbourne City - Boat House Drive

DESCRIPTION: Get up and close to yachts, ferries and ships while taking in views of South Bank and the City of Melbourne skyline.

This kayak tour starts in the city centre, on the Yarra River. After a gearing you up, adjusting your rudders and a safety talk, you jump on the water.

You then pass past many historical features along the banks of the yarra River. Including the former Customs House, turning basin, historical ships like the Pollywoodside, former waterfall and "Mission for Seamen".

Historical commentary of the old dock areas is provided along the way.

Half way through the tour the group stops for a delicious Thai lunch and drink on the waters edge. The group then returns back to the start.

This is one of the premier experiences of people wanting to explore Melbourne. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

This tour is designed for people with little kayaking experience and who like a unique experience of kayaking then having lunch on the waters edge.

The tour is 3 hours duration with 2 hours of paddling time.

Group discount for 10 or more people.

Discounted pricing for child 12-15 years old is $96, must be in a double kayak with an adult.

GRADE: Novice

DURATION:  11 am to 2:00 pm.

INCLUSIONS: Photos, delicious Thai lunch, drink and all paddling equipment

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